Dusty Dog Books

Dusty Dog Books is an Australian children's book publishing business committed to integrity, creativity and quality. Our aim is to publish books which engage and captivate young readers, and keep them coming back to our books again and again.

Our goal is to produce books with:

  • engaging stories
  • imaginative characters
  • high quality illustrations
  • impeccable production values
  • an affordable price.

We want to produce books which are fun to read and which will be numbered among the favourites on any child's bookshelf.

And where did the name come from?

When Richard's not cartooning with kids in primary schools, he's usually working in his studio on a new book or other creative project. This requires space and solitude. And for many years, Richard's faithful dog, Suzy, was never far away.

Suzy was either sitting in her special chair in the studio, keeping an eye on progress, or lying outside in the sun. And you guessed it... her favourite sunny spot was always a dusty one.

Thus the name, Dusty Dog Books, was born.

But sadly, time marches on, and Suzy has now gone the way of all dogs. But her memory lingers in the studio, and she will be forever remembered in the name - Dusty Dog Books.