Cartoon Workshops FAQ

Q. How many sessions will our school need?

Some schools run one class per session, others run two classes per session. See the table below or a guide to help you plan session numbers and costs.

Q. What materials do the students need to bring?

Each student needs 4 sheets of A4 paper, a sharp pencil and a board or workbook to rest their paper on. It's helpful if there are a few pencil sharpeners on hand.

Q. Is a multi-purpose room suitable for the workshops?

Yes. The students can work while sitting on the floor. It's important that each student brings something to rest their paper on, such as a board or book.

Q. Our Preps love drawing. Can they come to the too?

Yes. Richard starts with simple shapes and builds the characters up from those. It's a great way for Preps to learn more about circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. And the basic idea still works - how to bring your characters to life. Depending on how things are going, we may spend the whole hour cartooning or break the session up with a couple of stories as well.

Q. Are your workshops suitable 2 years running?

Yes. Another visit in the following year works really well. Students know what to expect and are eager to learn new ideas and techniques. The workshops build on themes from the previous year, and a new set of characters are introduced.

Q. Do you charge extra for travel and accomodation to country schools?


Q. Do you visit municipal libraries?

Richard visits municipal libraries, usually during school holidays. The cost for a library visit is $280.00 in the Melbourne metropolitan area, and a little more for country libraries. We usually have up to 40 children in a workshop.

How Many Sessions?

This table is an approximate guide only, and applies to schools who wish to have two classes per workshop session. If you're not sure how many sessions you may need, please enquire. If 5 sessions are required, they are presented in one day.

Grades in the School Sessions Required Cost
Up to 8 4 $495
9 - 10 5 $550
11 - 12 6 $720
13 - 14 7 $840
15 - 16 8 $950
17 plus
enquire enquire